Town Square

Specific tricks in Town Square

Town Square is the first level that takes advantage of the increase in height Spyro gains when charging onto a cliff at a diagonal. In Town Square, if you implement this movement technique, you can get to the second stair on the right faster, but where it becomes a trick is on the cliff at the top of the stairs. We consider this to be a trick because if you were casually playing Spyro, this probably wouldn't be something you'd consider attempting, and thus it's called Drown Square Jump. You can find more information, clips, and tutorials here.

Before going into more detail about Town Square, it is important to know that when you leave the Vortex, you want to hit the triangle button until Spyro stops as the first major trick of Artisans is there. This is Toasty Wallglide. Toasty Wallglide is a massive time save as you can skip going around Artisans to get to the next level, plus you can skip one of the two required dragon releases in order to procede further in Vortex. Since this trick is right outside of Town Square, I felt it important to list this with the Specific tricks in Town Square, even if it's not a trick that happens in the level itself.

Now, if you do not make Drown Square Jump, ((Talk about going through Town Square if jump is not made.))