Artisans Homeworld

Specific tricks in Artisans Homeworld

Artisans is the first homeworld that has four individual levels that are accessed for Vortex: Stone Hill, Town Square, Toasty, and Dark Hollow.

First thing when starting off is to enter the cheat code for all levels, and this is also where the first difference between emulator and console is going to crop up. On emulator, you're going to want to enter the code then turn down the music all the way down. If the music is kept on with emulator you'll lose a ((40 Seconds??? needs to be timed)) of time due to loads. With console all of you The cheat code is: Square, Square, Circle, Square, Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down.

As you exit Stone Hill, you want to head to Town Square, going up through the whirl wind. It's an easy route, with no tricks until leaving Town Square.

When you leave Town Square is when you hit the first major trick in the Artisan Homeworld, called the Toasty Wallglide. If you don't hit Toasty Wallglide, you'll need to go around the homeworld and release ((what dragon???)) to enter Toasty.

Upon exiting Toasty you'll want to go across the homeworld to Dark Hollow, which is the last level that needs to be completed to finish the Artisan Homeworld. Once you get out of Dark Hollow you'll head to the ballonist. With Vortex, you get the unique option of choosing which homeworld you want to go to first. The only recommendation is to not go to Peacekeepers as you can get to Peacekeepers through Tuco the ballonist in Magic Crafters. Many runners will choose homeworlds based on either tricks they struggle with and want to improve, or levels that have more difficult tricks, so this is very much a personal choice.