Welcome to the Spyro Vortex Wiki!

The trick wiki for Spyro Vortex

This website focuses on the tricks for the speedrunning category of Spyro the Dragon called Vortex.

Vortex is a unique category for Spyro the dragon that differentiates from 120% where you fully complete the game and Any% that follows ballonist requirements to get to Gnasty Gnorc. Vortex is specifically focused on how fast one can travel through each world from the beginning and leaving the world through the vortex. Vortex is different from other categories in that a cheat code is required to get through each vortex, and allows for that code to be used as well as the all lives cheat.

Most of the tricks are named by the runners who either found the trick, or whoever first hits a trick that was found in a Tool Assisted Speedrun, also known as TAS.

For more information on the category and it's history, check out the videos below!